Our Vehicle Safety Products

RE-LED Vehicle Tracking, RELED Tracking, GPS Tracking

RE-LED Tracking

Custom solutions for one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, Get in touch today and we can customize a solution specific to your needs.

RE-Detect, Rechargeable Battery GPS Tracking Device. For Assets, Vehicles, Sensitive cargo tracking

Vehicle safety and GPS Monitoring

Know where your Assets are and where they've been.

Install a GPS Vehicle monitoring system and keep milage, location and even driving behaviours visible. 

Ensuring the safe operation and safety of you and your loved ones.

Run a Business?

Staff travel a lot for work? Help them feel safer by being able to track their location and if a problem arises, you will know where they are ensuring their safety.


Dash Cameras

Keep you and your loved ones safe.

We can Supply and Install Dash Camera systems for any of your vehicles, with both forward and facing facing cameras or internal Cameras. The choice is yours. 

Reversing Radar Rockhampton

Reversing Radar and Sensors

Have trouble with Blind Spots? 

We have many Solutions for you wether it's for you car, Ute, Caravan, Truck or Heavy Machinery. Sensors that are able to detect objects as far away as 30m, and  not affected by dust or mud.

Vehicle CCTV Rockhampton

Camera Systems

Want to See whats behind you?

Whether it's a car, Caravan or any other form of equipment, we have a solution for you. 

Single camera systems right up to Multiple camera systems with recording HDD.

Front and rear facing cameras, Side view cameras. pin hole through to industrial grade cameras. We have a solution for you.


Want to know more?

We can come to you discuss what you require, whether it's for a gps tracking system, vehicle safety, Dash Camera or Reversing Camera and come up with a custom solution to give you the safety and security for you vehicles or machinery. 

PLUS being Rockhampton based, we are a local company and can therefore give you local support and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.